Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wild threatened genetic resources of Pakistan

The term wildlife is use for the animals which are not domesticated. Also fishes and marine animals are included in the wildlife. The classical definition of wildlife is  that the animals which are hunted.

The threatened wildlife of Pakistan
  1. Indus blind dolphin
  2. Snow leopard
  3. Brown bear
  4. Black-buck
  5. Markhor
  6. Barking deer
  7. Urial mouflon
  8. Marcoplol’s sheep
  9. Hog deer
  10. Chinkara
  11. Grey langur
  12. Siberian crane
  13. Eurasian and demoiselle cranes
  14. Cherrug falcon
  15. Black partridge
  16. Pheasants
  17. Large egret

Causes of threatening
  • ·       Genetic variation and genetic drift
  • ·       Natural selection
  • ·       Loss of genetic variation
  • ·       Inbreeding depression
  • ·       Loss of evolutionary flexibility
  • ·       Out-breeding depression
  • ·       Ineffective population size
  • ·       Variation in reproductive output
  • ·       Unequal sex

  • Some facet about the Biodiversity in Pakistan
  •     Among cranes one couple is for the life long, if one die the other will not mate from other couple and will stay without mating for the lifelong.
  •    There are 6 zoogeographical regions in the world and Pakistan has the 3 of the zoogeographical region.

The causes of the loss of biodiversity in Pakistan
  • High rate of human population
  • Low literacy rate
  • Ignorance of the masses
  • Speedy urbanization
  • Industrialization
  • Deforestation

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  1. Efforts done by SUSG for conservation of Afghani Urial and Sueliman Markhur is incredible and marvellous. The number of the above threatened animals is manifold now.